When I first met Brian 7 years ago he was pushing close to 110kg and struggling with sleep apnoea and general everyday movements.  Brian’s situation is not dissimilar to many other small business owners who put in long hours at the office and then are too tired or home too late to be bothered with cooking let alone working out.

Brian was fed up feeling sluggish and tired all of the time.   Brian’s health was at a crossroads, he knew he had to make some drastic changes to his lifestyle, which included joining a gym and enlisting my services as a personal trainer.  These changes included overhauling what he was eating, cutting back his portion sizes and reducing takeaway foods.

We also had to get Brian moving more which included training with me for 45minutes 3 times a week, in these sessions we concentrated on the things he enjoyed but also needed like strength training, boxing and some circuit training for fitness.

Within a year Brian lost 25kg, dropped 4 waist sizes, got rid of his sleep apnoea and now consistently trains 5 times a week.  His energy levels have increased 10 fold and he wakes up in the morning with the zest and energy to run his small business and look after his family.

Grace Martin

I was first introduced to Grace by her dad who approached me out of concern for his daughter who was overweight and being bullied at school.  Grace was 16 when I first met her, painfully shy, lacking self confidence and very self conscious about her weight.  Since hitting puberty, Grace found that she put on a lot of weight quite quickly through eating out of boredom and eating quick convenience styles of foods.  Her lack of activity also meant that she found it hard to control her weight and pretty soon she found herself in a viscous cycle of not exercising, eating the wrong foods which in turn made her feel anxious and depressed.

We initially started with getting Grace moving more, we agreed on 3 x 30mins a week PT sessions that consisted of resistance training, circuit training, boxing and cardio intervals.  After several months of sticking to her exercise plan and cleaning up her diet Grace found that the extra weight started to shift and with that so did her self-confidence.  Grace has lost 30kg in weight, has gained valuable lean muscle tissue and she is hitting PB’s with her strength training.  Grace’s life has been so transformed by her new found health that she has completed her personal training course and will be commencing work as a personal trainer in the not too distant future.

Nina Helm

Nina after having her second baby found it hard to shift the extra baby weight she put on with her son Ewan.  Coupled with this, she experienced what all busy mums go through, the challenge of trying to strike a balance between the demands of going back to work part-time as a school teacher plus looking after her 2 children and a household.

Nina set some goals around what she would like to achieve this year and part of those goals was to run her first marathon, which she will complete in September 2016.  Since having her second baby 9 months ago, Nina has shifted 20kg and is back down to her pre baby weight, her fitness and strength have returned and her energy levels are back to being high.

Nina is at the peak of her fitness and recently just ran the Centre Point tower 1500 stair challenge in 14.31 and was ranked 50th  (1066) out of all females and 15th in her age group.

When Nina isn’t running a half marathon’s or 10km races she generally trains 5-6 times a week which includes Bootcamp’s, running, cycling and weights.